Stromzuführungsvorrichtung für einen Pixel einer lichtemittierenden Anzeigevorrichtung mit aktiver Matrix

Dispositif d'amenée de courant pour un pixel d'un dispositif d'affichage émetteur de lumière à matrice active

Current supply device for a pixel of an active matrix light emitting display device


In order to provide, as a lighting means for a pixel including a driving TFT and an EL element, a driving device of a light emitting display panel which can dissolve respective technical problems which occur in cases where respective constant voltage driving and constant current driving techiniques are adopted, a light emitting power holding capacitor (C2) is connected in series to the driving TFT (Tr2) and the EL element (E1). A diode (D1) for charging electrical charges in the capacitor (C2) and a switching element (SW2) for supplying current to the diode (D1) are provided. By an ON operation of the switching element (SW2) both ends of the capacitor (C2) is subjected to a charge operation so as to become equipotentials. By an OFF operation of the switching element (SW2), driving current flows in the EL element (E1) via the driving TFT (Tr2). The amount of current flowing in the EL element (E1) is controlled by the repeat frequency of ON/OFF of the switching element (SW2) during the generation period of a latch signal.




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