Wafer planarization apparatus

Dispositif de planarisation de plaquettes

Vorrichtung zur Planarisierung von Wafern


The wafer planarization apparatus (1) comprises a processing part (10) which holds a wafer (26) through a protective sheet (T) adhering to the obverse (26B) of the wafer (26) and processes the reverse (26A) of the wafer (26), an inspecting device (22) which inspects the wafer (26) having been processed by the processing part (10), a frame adhering part (108) which adheres a frame (F) through a sheet (S) to the reverse (26A) of the wafer (26) having been inspected by the inspecting device (22), a peeling part (112) which peels the protective sheet (T) from the wafer (26) to which the frame (F) has been adhered, and a transporting device (66, 118) which transports the wafer (26) between the processing part (10), the inspecting device (22), the frame adhering part (108), and the peeling part (112), so that the series of processing for the wafer (26) can be systematized in line.




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