Miniaturisierte Vorrichtung zur Herstellung hohen druckes in zu versprühenden Fluiden

Dispositif, sous forme miniature, destiné à produire une pression élevée dans unfluide à atomiser

Device of miniaturised construction for producing high pressure in a fluid to be atomised


The device according to the invention consists of a hollow piston (57) displaceably mounted in a cylinder and a valve member (58) which is guided by the hollow piston (57) and mounted so as to be axially movable relative to the hollow piston (57). The valve member (58) is arranged at one end of the hollow piston (57) inside or immediately in front of the end of the hollow piston (57). The device is used in a mechanically operated high pressure atomiser. The valve (58) operates without any auxiliary force, closes very rapidly and is sealed tight against high pressure. The atomiser is used, for example, to produce an inhalable aerosol of a liquid medicament without the use of a propellant gas, at 320 bar, for example.




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