Dispositif et méthode de décodage multiple

Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Mehrfachdekodierung

Apparatus and method of multiple decoding


A data extractor (110) extracts data which coincides with set conditions from input data. A buffer (120) stores the extracted data. A data flow controller (130) distributes the data in the buffer (120) among separate buffers (14i) (i = 1 to n) and transfers the data in accordance with the set conditions. Each of the separate buffers (14i) stores the transferred data. Decoders (15i) respectively decode the data stored in the separate buffers (1i). A buffer manager (160) manages the buffer (120), and a separate buffer manager (170) manages the separate buffers (14i). A decoding controller (180) controls decoding performed by each of the decoders (15i). A reproduction controller (190) provides an instruction required to select desired data and reproduce the selected data. Consequently, decoding and reproduction of a plurality of data in digital broadcasting are realized, thereby making it possible to recover, when an error occurs, from the error.




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