Mechanischer Mischer, insbesondere für Materialien in Granulat- oder Pulverform

Mechanical mixer, in particular for granular or powder material

Mélangeur mécanique, en particulier pour des matériaux pulvérulents ou pour des granulés


The mixer comprises a container (10) enclosing a mixing chamber (11) having a cylindrical wall (12), the axis (A) of which is horizontal or nearly horizontal, and means for rotating the container (10) in both directions about said axis (A), mixing of the material being carried out within said mechanical (11) of the container. For discharging material from the rotating container (10), there is provided on the outer surface of the cylindrical wall (12) a corridor (30) which extends through an arc of the cross-section of the wall (12), and has a first end (30') communicating with the mixing chamber (11) via a passage aperture (31) provided in the cylindrical wall, and a second end (30") open towards the outside environment; said corridor (30) has a length such that, when said passage aperture (31) of the first end (30') is encountered by the material contained in the mixing chamber (11), the second end (30") lies at a level higher than the level of the material which enters the corridor (30); the container (10) is rotated in the direction from the second end (30") towards the first end (30') to discharge material from the chamber (11) via said corridor (30), and in the opposite direction during the mixing stage.




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