Dispositif de surveillance de la pression intracranienne utilisé dans l'administration de medicament guidee par imagerie par résonance magnétique

Vorrichtung zur Überwachung des Hirndruckes zur Verwendung in der Arzneistoffverabreichung unterstützt durch Bilderzeugung mit magnetischer Resonanz

Intracranial pressure monitoring device for use in magnetic resonance imaging guided drug delivery


A device and method for monitoring intracranial pressure during magnetic resonance (MR) image-guided neurosurgical procedures, such as intracranial drug delivery procedures, wherein an MR-compatible microsensor pressure transducer coupled to a pressure sensing diaphragm located a) at the tip, b) on a lateral side, and/or c) in multiple locations of an MR-compatible catheter is inserted into a lateral cerebral ventricle, cerebral cistern, subarachnoid space, subdural or extradural spaces, venous sinuses, or intraparenchymal tissue locations under MR imaging guidance, and is used to record intracranial pressures over hours to days in patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic neurologic interventions.




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