Locating and locking unit for welding sheet metal parts of a motor-vehicle body

Appareil de positionnement et verrouillage de tôles métalliques à souder d'une carrosserie automobile

Einrichtung zum Positionieren und Verriegeln von metallischen zuschweissenden Blechteilen einer Kraftfahrzeugkarosserie


A locating and locking unit for sheet metal parts which are to be assembled by electric spot-welding on a motor-vehicle body, comprising a base platform (8), for receiving the trolley (4a) of a positioning frame (4) equipped with locating and locking devices for the parts to be welded. The base platform (8) can be rotated between a non-operative horizontal position and an inclined position in which the positioning frame (4) can engage the parts to be welded in a welding station (2) along the assembly line (1). Locating means (20, 21; 26, 27) are provided for defining the precise position of the positioning frame (4) along two mutually orthogonal axes in a plane that is perpendicular to the axis of the line (1) and along an axis parallel to the line.




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