Record medium, method of controlling the same, and system utilizing electronic publications

Aufzeichnungsmedium, Verfahren zu seiner Steuerung, und System, das elektronische Veröffentlichungen verwendet

Support d'enregistrement, méthode de commande de celui-ci, et système utilisant des publications électroniques


An optical disk is divided into a plurality of sections at least one of which (a first section) is made a section (formatted in MS-DOS, for example) having a format different from the logical format of a CD-ROM. Publication data is optically recorded in at least one section (a second section) of the sections other than the first section in accordance with the CD-ROM logical format. A CD-ROM utilization tool that utilizes publication data in the CD-ROM logical format and a CD-ROM emulator for converting a request for access to the CD-ROM logical section issued by the CD-ROM utilization tool to a request for access to the optical disk are recorded in the first section. As a result, publication data, in accordance with a CD-ROM logical format, accumulated in the realm of CD-ROM electronic publications, a tool for creating and converting this data and a CD-ROM utilization tool can be put to use without being wasted.




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