Dispositif tampon à faible frottement pour le transport et l'accumulation des emballages

Low friction buffer device for conveying/accumulating packages

Reibungsarme Puffervorrichtung zum Fördern und Akkumulieren von Verpackungen


There is disclosed a low friction buffer device (10) for accumulating packages comprising at least a resilient endless belt (16) for dragging the articles extending over a substantially horizontal length, said at least one belt passing around at least one motorized roller means (22). In the device according to the invention, support members (18) extending longitudinally are provided which stand at a first height above a reference plane (12) and on which the packages are slidably set. The belt, when not loaded with the articles to be carried, is at a second height above said reference plane, which is greater than the first height. The belt is bent under the weight of the articles such that the latter are also in contact with the support. The friction between articles and belt is higher than the friction between articles and support in order that the articles can be transported by movement of the belt.




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