Silberhalogenidemulsion, Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung und photographisches Silberhalgonidmaterial

Emulsion à l'halogénure d'argent, procédé pour sa préparation et matériau photographique à l'halogénure d'argent

Silver halide emulsion, preparation method thereof and silver halide photographic material


A silver halide emulsion is disclosed, comprising a dispersing medium and silver halide grains having a variation coefficient of grain size distribution of not more than 20%, at least 50% of total grain projected area of the emulsion being accounted for by tabular grains an aspect ratio of at least 5, the tabular grains each having a surface region having an iodide content more than an average iodide content of the grains, the tabular grains having dislocation lines in a central region and a peripheral region of the major faces, the peripheral region having a silver chalcogenide nucleus-containing phase, the central region having silver nucleus-containing phase, and the peripheral region having at least 10 dislocation lines per grain.




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