Electrical connector for flat flexible circuitry

Elektrischer Verbinder für flache flexible Schaltungen

Connecteur électrique pour des circuits plats flexibles


A connector (10,10A) is provided for electrically interconnecting the conductors (12) of a flat flexible circuit (14) to the conductors of a complementary mating connecting device. The connector includes a body member (22) on which a first length (14a) of the flexible circuit (14) is fixed. A second length (14b) of the circuit extends away from the body member. A resilient strain relief component (33) on the body member (22) is engageable with the flexible circuit (14) to locate the second length (14b) of the flexible circuit in a plane offset from the plane of the first length (14a) of the circuit. Therefore, pulling forces on the second length (14b) of the flexible circuit away from the body member biases the circuit against the resilient strain relief component (33). The body member may be a two-part housing (46) relatively movable between open and closed positions. A flexible molded-in-place hinge (56) joins the housing parts to accommodate their movement.




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