Verfahren und System zur Verminderung der Polymerdegradation von Produkten in zweistufigen Spritzgiessmaschinen

Procédé et système pour réduire la dégradation de polymère de produits dans les machines à mouler par injection en deux étapes

Method and system for reducing polymer degradation products in two stage injection molding machines


A method and system of operating a two stage injection molding machine wherein movement of the injection plunger in the shooting pot is co-ordinated with movement of the plasticizing screw and melt flow into the shooting pot such that the plunger provides minimal resistance to the melt flow into the shooting pot while avoiding the production of voids or air inside the melt. The undesired shear forces to which the melt is exposed are thus reduced, correspondingly reducing the melt degradation products which would otherwise result.




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