Ferro-Succinylcaseinkomnplex, Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung und ihn enhaltende pharmazeutische Zusammensetzungen

Complexe de ferro-succinylcaséine, procédé de la production et compositions pharmaceutiques le contenant

Ferro-succinylcasein complex, process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing it


The subject of the present invention is a ferric complex of succinylated casein (hereinafter referred to as "ferro-succinylcasein") obtained from food-grade casein used for food purposes. Moreover described herein is a process for the preparation of ferro-succinylcasein in high yields and without the formation of insoluble residue, starting from food-grade casein. In addition, the present invention regards pharmaceutical compositions comprising a therapeutically efficacious quantity of ferro-succinylcasein, in association with appropriate excipients, diluents and preservatives for pharmaceutical use. The ferric complex according to the present invention is advantageously used in treatment of pathological conditions linked to iron deficiency. The said complex is, in fact, characterized by the absence of side effects and by a high tolerability.




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