Module de distribution et de température d'air

Lufttemperatur- und Verteilungsmodul

Air temperature and distribution module


An air temperature control and distribution module of a motor vehicle for use in a passenger compartment ventilation system, the module (51) comprising of a housing (23,70;170) defining a mixing chamber, a number of inlets in the housing (23;70;170) for connection to two or more sources of air and a number of outlets (32,37,38;144,145) in the housing (23;70;170) for connection to a number of air distribution means, the housing (23;70;170) supporting a first valve assembly (52) to control the entry of air through said air inlets and a second valve assembly (53) to control and distribute the flow of air into said outlets characterised in that the module (51) forms a self contained unit that is connectable to the sources of inlet air and the distribution means by being engaged within a socket means attached to part of the structure of the motor vehicle.




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